The Sweetest Thing

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

One of the most desired moments in weddings is when we can finally go to the candy bar to satisfy our cravings. While there are several providers that offer this service, Puro Gusto is our favorite as it converts typical Mexican sweets into a luxury. The company was founded in 2009 with the idea of creating delicious candy bars, and soon after they opened two boutique shop locations, one in Coyoacan and another in San Angel. It has a range of more than 100 different products originating from throughout Mexico. Besides the quality, what makes these sweets so special is the way in which they are presented. Everything they offer comes from artisanal producers, and in addition to its cute packaging and design it makes the tables look spectacular. Another element we like about Puro Gusto is the way they use color; you can request the use of your wedding colors, or you can ask for a very Mexican style. We know that normally a wedding banquet includes dessert, but a few hours later, while you’re dancing or chatting at the party, what you really are begging for is a sweet to taste. Choose from sweets like alegrias, peanuts, wafers, amaranth, cookies, chocolates, strawberries, lollypops, churros, potato chips, marzipan, gummies and more; isn’t your mouth watering? Surprise your guests with this exquisite idea that we are confident will leave you spellbound.

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