Hacienda Acamilpa, Your Dream Spot

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Hacienda San Jose Acamilpa is located in the state of Morelos, a place where the ever-lasting flowers spread their scent through the gardens throughout the entire year. In Cuernavaca, the place of eternal spring, the connections between people become more special. Hacienda San Jose Acamilpa is just twenty minutes away from this place.

The origins of this magical hacienda date back to the early years of the 17th Century. It was built with the original use of being the Christ College. It was the property of the Spanish Captain, Antonio de Zubieta. During the time the hacienda was becoming more  and more important, occupying the 12 places of the haciendas in the region. It was also a factory for sugar production—2,400 barrels daily to be exact and in 1889 this place won an honorable mention for the quality of the sugar produced in this space.

During the revolution, the vaults and tunnels functioned as a refuge and today they act as a magical stage to gather guests for a delightful meal. It was at the end of the 60’s that an entrepreneur retrieved the abandoned structure and recreated the appropriate space for becoming the magnificent hacienda that stands today.

In this amazing time you will be able to enjoy the history, beauty, architecture and the wonderful atmosphere of this space that is one of the favorite locations to perform any type of special event: weddings, union ceremonies, meals or a brunch.


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