Tropical Weddings at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

The coast of the Pacific Ocean has amazing destinations both for vacation and for spectacular social events. Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta luxury resort is definitely one of our favorites for being the most innovative and integral in the area. It has five excellent hotels: The Grand Mayan, The Grand Bliss, Santuario, Mayan Palace and La Plaza; it also has 38 wonderful bars and restaurants and 27 pools of clear water, so your expectations will be more than fulfilled if you’re looking for variety. To move from one place to another there are 14 kilometers of wooden trails with amazing views of the great tropical paradise, plus 1 kilometer of beach to enjoy the sand and sea. Spas, golf courses, a water park with river, and many more attractions are what make Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta incomparable.

After reading this we can imagine that you will be very interested in holding your wedding here, so we will share all the information about events. First, it is important to choose the hotel you want to stay in, as some are focused on relaxation while others promote attendees to have fun. If you’ve already chosen the scenario, you should then decide if you are looking for an intimate ceremony or a large wedding; in both cases the team of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta will support you with every single detail. On the wedding day the guests and the bridal party will enjoy the spectacular view of Banderas Bay, the mountains of the Sierra Madre, lakes and tropical gardens surrounding the resort, in addition to delighting their palates in exquisite creations. The only thing left is to spend the best day of your life with the people you love the most, otherwise you have nothing to worry about.

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