Michael Dash

Michael Dash, the best-selling author, founder of FATE and Ellechemy shares his life and inspiration 

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Michael Dash is an entrepreneur that has found multiple ways of helping others by sharing his story. He is a speaker, philanthropist, and author among many other avocations, read more a bout his life here.

Name: Michael G. Dash

Facebook:  Michael.dash1

Instagram: @mdash1

Website: www.michaelgdash.com 

Title: Entrepreneur, Author, Retreat Host, Coach, Philanthropist

City you live in: Tulum, Mexico

Most recent city visited…  Nashville, Tennessee

A typical day in my life includes… Curating course material for the Live Life Activated retreats, mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs through aligning their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices, creating content for my coaching programs, connecting with other like minded leaders who may be struggling with addiction or burnout.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… an entrepreneur! Nailed that one 🙂

My first job was… working at the Marriott as a server in banquet services. It was so much fun!

My favorite thing about traveling is… learning new cultures around the world and deepening my knowledge and perspective of life.

I draw inspiration from: watching entrepreneurs and leaders transform by incorporating activities that allow them to live healthier lives and run healthier businesses.

I separate myself from others in this field… with my unique style of showing empathy, having an open heart, holding space and being real and if that means showing tough love then I will do it for the betterment of my clients.

My greatest career achievement this far is… writing my book Chasing The High and overcoming a 20 year gambling addiction, 10 year cocaine addiction and 7 year adderall and GHB addiction.

My favorite place in town to enjoy an authentic meal is… Suculenta

People would be surprised to know that I love… WWE wrestling 🙂

Photographs: Michael Dash.

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