Meet Luxury Architect Ulises del Llano Granados of ULI ARCHITECTS

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Name: Ulises del Llano Granados

Title: CEO

City you live in: Mexico City, Mexico and Miami, USA.

Most recent place I’ve traveled to is… I travel to Miami because I collaborate with various architecture offices and I visit some of my projects in Tulum, Cancun, Acapulco and Valle de Bravo in Mexico. 

A typical day in my life includes… My day starts very early, I drink water with lemon and organic coffee for breakfast, in the afternoons I combine my work hours with my family, most of the time I am designing houses and making photorealistic images on the computer, I love listening to music jazz and watch nature and arts programs. Social networks are very important to me because I contact people from different places.

I was born… Mexico City, Mexico


When I was younger, I wanted to be… Since I was a child, I liked all the arts, I always imagined myself to be an Architect, I made many drawings of houses with pools and giant gardens, I felt attracted to places with a lot of vegetation, natural light and water.

I draw inspiration from… People who seek to change society in a positive way, times are difficult and we must make big changes so that this world is still a wonderful place.

My greatest career achievement thus far is… Having collaborated with architecture offices in Spain, Italy and Dubai, I never thought I could do projects in places and cultures so far away from me.

What makes ULI ARCHITECTS stand out from other architecture firms? 

We create houses that are like living within a natural landscape. We always incorporate the 4 elements of nature, water, earth, wind and fire so that from every space in the house you are in contact with one of them.

Now luxury has become places where you are in permanent contact with nature.

How would you describe your architectural style?

It is a constant dialogue between the architecture of the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico with contemporary architecture.


What are your preferred materials to work with? 

A tactile material of our preference is concrete because it gives us the materiality to contain the spaces, contrasted with an ethereal material such as sunlight.

We use wood to produce warmth in spaces and water to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

What has been the biggest project that your firm has done?

A collaborative contest to build a hotel in Baja California Sur in Mexico, which consisted of 50 beachfront villas, a boutique hotel and a horizontal shopping center.

What is next for ULI ARCHITECTS? 

Build houses in places that are close to the sea or lakes, because people seek to live in natural paradises in order to leave behind the stress that living in big cities produces.





Brief bio-on yourself/company: ULI ARQUITECTOS is an architecture office created in 2020 with offices in Mexico City and Miami. Founded by Ulises del Llano, a Mexican Architect who studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He currently collaborates by contributing his experience and knowledge of architectural visualization in architecture offices in America, Asia and Europe.


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