4 Reasons to Visit Bar Esquina

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

The nightlife scene in Cabo San Lucas is one to not be missed. Included in that mix is the popular and bustling Bar Esquina where handcrafted cocktails, live entertainment and a trendy atmosphere abound. Here’s 4 reasons to make it your next destination.

1. Be Seen

The hip restaurant is set in the Medano district, the heart of beautiful Cabo San Lucas and only steps from the nightlife scene. As a result, Bar Esquina is regularly the place to see and be seen. Although located at Bahia Hotel & Beach Club, this spot is not just for tourists; the restaurant and bar is a favorite among locals as well.

2. Forks Up

Feast on Mediterranean dishes with Mexican influences, all using the highest quality of ingredients. Fresh seafood, a prime selection of USDA meats, and organic ingredients from the farm all go into making Chef Rogelio’s creations. Nosh on irresistible selections like tuna tartar, short rib pizza and spicy shrimp with coconut, ginger and lime risotto, or go all in with a New York steak with organic vegetables and an oyster truffle demi-glace—yum!

3. Lively Atmosphere

In addition to tasty dishes, Bar Esquina serves up an irresistible atmosphere. Live music and a hip ambiance make this spot more than just a Friday night dinner. Enjoy Bar Esquina for a trendy gathering spot for cocktails, a fun date-night dinner or a relaxing evening on the terrace.

4. Do It Again

Don’t let the dining experience end after dessert. Bar Esquina serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner, making your dining decision the easiest of your trip. And don’t think they only put their energy into dinner; breakfast and lunch selections are just as tasty. Chile rellenos stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese, chilaquiles, fresh ceviches, tortas and more fill the menu for when you’re getting your day started or recovering from the night before.

For more information, visit: bahiacabo.mx/restaurant-bar-1

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