5 Advantages of Boutique Hotels

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Resorts are fun and all but sometimes a more intimate setting is the better choice. If you’ve never stayed in a boutique hotel, you’re truly missing out. Read on for 5 advantages of seeking out that small and trendy hotel.

1. More Personal Level of Service

Since boutique hotels generally have under 100 rooms, hotel staff usually has more opportunity to cater to guest’s needs. A smaller, more intimate setting also creates a more personal feel. Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by name when returning for the evening or receiving the same server at the hotel’s restaurant. For those that enjoy a more customized experience, boutique hotels are perfect.

2. Chic and Cultural Style

Everyone knows that sometimes staying in a big-chain resort on one side of the world can look and feel identical to one on the opposite side of the world. A common characteristic of boutique hotels, however, is a chic and trendy vibe. Often reflecting it’s locale, boutique hotels offer a cultural experience for guests which can be refreshing for those looking to escape and immerse themselves in their surroundings. Local ingredients, handcrafted furniture and exclusive amenities are just an example of common finds at boutique hotels. A lot more personality also means it’s not trying to appeal to necessarily every type of traveler but more a specific niche of world-wanderer.

3. Corporate-Free

Since boutique hotels are often independently owned and not part of large corporate companies, the hotels have a lot more freedom and say in what they offer. A variety in amenities can be an alluring factor to someone who may not care as much about the resort pool and would rather experience something like a roof-top terrace, a musical scene or an art gallery.

4. A Different Type of Vacation

Whereas larger hotels are often viewed as simply a bed to fall into at the end of the night, boutique hotels can offer much more. Rather than escaping the hotel, the hotel itself can be the escape. Sometimes set in historic buildings or smaller cities where resorts have yet to invade, boutique hotels can offer experiences that sometimes can only be found outside of large hotels. This means an easier, more relaxing vacation. Also, less number of rooms means more space by the pool, and sometimes that can be the most important thing.

5. Better Value

While not every boutique hotel is a screaming deal, most offer lower prices and better value than big, chain resorts. If that alone doesn’t give enough reason to book one now, we don’t know what will.

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