Battle in the New, Mayakoba Games

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Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya has an assortment of activities for the entire family as part of their Camp Mayakoba program. Guests of the three resorts—Fairmont, Rosewood and Banyan Tree Mayakoba—are welcome to enjoy a variety of outdoor amenities for both children and adults, including: kayaking, archery, hiking, golf, croquet, tennis and traveling on the Mayakoba Connection. In addition to these offerings, the resort also has its kids program, Yucatan Rangers where children 12 to 17 can enjoy a day-long itinerary filled with nature walks, archery, ice cream and more.


This spring, The Mayakoba Games will be a new program offering as part of the Yucatan Rangers. The day-long experience allows children to immerse themselves in the fantastical world of Katniss Everdeen, complete with group activities inspired by the imaginative and adventurous world in the movie. The camp-style activities incorporate the outdoors and are played in a competitive style where points are tracked throughout the day. Each participant represents a district and while there will only be one victor of the games, every child will receive a “Mayakoba Yucatan Jay” pin at the end of the day. Starting from $98 per person, The Mayakoba Games include:

  • Archery lesson to learn how to shoot like Katniss
  • Play paddle tennis like they would in the Capitol
  • Kayak races on the Mayakoba waterways
  • Lunch in Koba – golf club house
  • Ice cream and The Hunger Games trivia at El Pueblito
  • Finish and receive your “Yucatan Jay” Prize

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