5 Reasons Doctors Want You Travel to Cabo

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

As if the sparkling, azul blue waters and sweeping desert views weren’t enough reason to travel to Los Cabos, we found five more. Recent research and studies are telling us to escape work, buy the plane ticket and jet off on vacation because science is showing us our health and well-being is easily improved by simply getting away. Here’s the five reasons Cabo is calling your name louder and louder.

  1. We cherish experiences more than material possessions
    Not to say that a brand new Maserati or a sleek pair of Gucci heels wouldn’t put a smile on our face, but a 2010 Cornell study reveals that over time, we’re a lot more happy from travel experiences than we are from purchased items that wear old, go out of style and end up being returned, thrown out, or replaced with something better. Memories from travel stick with us for life and in turn keep us smiling a lot longer.
  2. Extra sleep aids in rejuvenation 
    A true relaxing vacation provides us with all the time in the world to get those much-needed eight hours of snoozing in that never seem to happen otherwise. Along with extra hours of sleep, vacation can help us exercise more. Whether you’re roaming the Baja streets or paddle boarding the Sea of Cortez, staying active is a lot more easy (and fun) on vacation.
  3. Less stress and healthier minds
    Removing ourselves from stressful situations like work and every-day responsibilities helps restore our levels of stress back to normal. Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin revealed in a 2005 study that women who travel twice a year are a whole lot better off than women who travel only once every two years, the latter of which are more prone to depression.
  4. Ward off heart attacks
    While a healthy diet and exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack, so can traveling! A Framingham Heart study found that women who escape only once every six years are eight times more likely to suffer a heart attack, while men are 30 percent more likely if they’re unable to get away after a few years. So when someone asks why you’re heading to Cabo, tell them “doctor’s orders.”
  5. Pre-vacation excitement makes us more positive   
    That excitement and joy we feel from an upcoming vacation is giving us a more positive outlook on life and is making us happier and healthier. The University of Surrey in the United Kingdom revealed in their 2002 study that prior to a trip coming up is when we are happiest. Looking forward to a fun travel experience gives us even more joy than when we’re about to buy something and also improves our sense of well-being.

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