PH Andersen: A Fantastic Place Called Home

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch

It is not an easy duty to achieve the creation of a cozy house full of design reminiscent of museums or art galleries where you can comfortably lie on your couch to watch TV. Of course this was not a problem for Faci Leboreiro Arquitectura, a group of professional specialists that know the importance of turning the client’s dream into reality. PH Andersen is a project where they gave the most importance to the dialogue between the interior and the exterior. They made an important work understanding the places and letting them ask for the correct furniture and art pieces that were finally placed there. One of the most interesting elements is the link between the public and private areas of the penthouse, a long hall which topped with a beautiful jalousie inspired by the shadows of the interior garden. The terrace towards the studio has a water mirror with a sculpture made by Juan Pablo Vidal, which empowers the concept of meditation and reflection. Rooms were specially designed with furniture, dressers and bathrooms with fabric, wood and white marble, allowing the habitant to have relaxing moments. This place is the perfect example of the quality in the work of Faci Leboreiro.

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