Be Inspired at Newly Reopened Hotel El Ganzo

In Los Cabos, Stay by Suzanne Koch

After a year of rebuilding and recovering from Hurricane Odile, Hotel El Ganzo was finally able to boast open doors on November 1. The boutique hotel is filled with creative and artistic elements that keep it grounded while still staying luxurious. A 1,700 square foot underground recording studio, designed by Mark Rudin, studio manager/artist-in-residence, offers artists a space to inspire and create. Artists also have the ability to play live shows at the hotel’s venues in between producing. The infinity pool even plays a mix of music produced in the very studio that sits underground.


In fact, the first artist in residence since the hotel has opened is Mexico City’s Alexis Mata or “Clier” as he’s known. An installation in the lobby can be viewed which Clier created. The graphic artist generally portrays chaos, loss, death and social critique in his work which has been seen in places such as MUCA Roma, London’s Brick Lane Gallery, Barcelona’s Galería Miscelánea and more.


Visit Hotel El Ganzo’s lobby for a creative explosion and stay awhile in one of the newly renovated rooms. Visit their website to make a reservation:


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