V9 House: The Perfect Mix of Sustainability and Luxury

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

I love to show off a woman’s work, especially if it is as interesting as this. V9 House is a project made by the architect Veronica Gonzalez Zavala, who had as advisors Andrea Sanchez Conde, Entorno and ZD+A. This home is located in Mexico City, a place where time rushes and population keeps on growing everyday. Although it is placed in the middle of a cosmopolitan building area, it enjoys having green areas and a large garden. The project responds to the client’s needs by having three levels: basement for parking and services, first floor for social life and second floor for more familiar moments. The wooden structure in the living room is definitely one of my favorite elements. Stone was chosen for the vertical planes while wood was chosen for the horizontal ones, creating a cozy environment with an eclectic decoration. Having a sustainable lifestyle is also important for the inhabitants of V9, so their electricity and hot water are generated by solar energy and the entire façade is double insulated glass with UV protection for maximum energy concentration. A siphon system is used to collect rainwater and purify it so that they can take advantage of it in rainy seasons.

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