Art and Nature at the Culiacan Botanical Garden

In Los Cabos by Isabella Moreno

Each year is built by four seasons and the activities that we enjoy in our lives will agree with them. Entering spring, the attitude changes; the sun comes out, there is more movement and all the energy that we harbored through the cold days is ready to be used. In the same way we re-awaken, the spaces around us do too. In this case we speak of the Botanical Garden of Culiacan where there are more than a thousand species on display grouped in nineteen collections.

The entire project is handled by the Curatorial Department who is responsible for maintaining the space in an optimal quality, ensuring the welfare of each one of the species, as well as leading the free guided tour of the space with the security to learn the most from it. Plants are identified as a “trip around the world” within the garden  –bon voyage!– since the species you’ll find are from all continents.

All the plants are taken care of with a special service and analysis in order to develop the proper life they need within this extreme climate. There is a herbalist and a library to learn more about the subjects within the botanical garden.

This botanical garden is one of the most important in Mexico because it has the largest collection of palms around the world and its design is based on the balance between the importance of species that are exhibited, taking care of them and leaving its beauty as it to be the highlight of the space. It is surprising to visit this type of place and be an accomplice of the endless natural beauty that exists in the natural world; symmetry, patterns and colors that simply shine by its perfection.

The botanical garden has invited more than thirty international artists to work within the garden that will provide more sense to drift inside the place while incorporating the relevance of the natural world and the context in the dialog “work-space-public”. Currently you’ll find an intervention of the American artist James Turrell that will make you travel to another galaxy!


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