At-Home Nail Care Tips From One&Only Palmilla’s Pro Technicians

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Famous the world over for his unique approach to foot and nail care, Podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez’s exclusive, award-winning treatments offer a true fusion of well-being and beauty. At One&Only Palmilla, Bastien’s personally trained technicians offer an array of rejuvenating treatments – each curated to meet Bastien’s precise and exacting standards.

Here, the team shares three tips to keeping nails looking and feeling their best in lieu of regular salon visits.

Tip One

For shiny nails, the secret is simple – dry each nail with a towel for two seconds after each shower. That will keep the natural sebum of the nail, as water actually dries them out.

Tip Two

When your nail is clean on the surface (no polish), use a chamois leather buffer to buff the nails. Apply a shoe-shining like motion to accelerate the blood circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the nail bed.

Tip Three

To give your nails the drink of moisture they need, massage them with a dollop of olive oil every day.

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