When to Catch Meteor Showers at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

If there is ever a time to visit Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, it just might be this month. August ushers in the arrival of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, the most popular meteor shower of the year when the sky lights up with countless meteors streaming across the night sky.

Meteor showers are simply pieces of comet debris that heat up as they enter the atmosphere and burn up in a bright burst of light, streaking a vivid path across the sky as they travel at 37 miles per second creating a mesmerizing show for anyone lucky enough to catch them. This year, according to Space.com, earth is set to pass through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle through August 24. The shower’s peak—when Earth passes through the densest, dustiest area—is scheduled to occur on August 12, making the night before and night after a prime time to see the most meteors in the shortest amount of time. While this year’s meteor shower rates will be about half of what they normally are (about 80 meteors an hour) due to a waning gibbous moon, NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke says “the good news is that the Perseids are rich in fireballs.” And since Pueblo Bonito Pacifica’s beach has virtually no light pollution, you can expect perfect night viewing conditions and a fiery sky show.

In addition to a glittering night sky up above, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica also provides guests another way to get their galactic fix. The Constellation Pool (pictured) at the resort comes to life at night when hundreds of LED lights built into the bottom of the pool are illuminated. The lights were configured in the exact alignment of the star constellations that were in the sky when the resort opened in 2005 and display the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt and more constellations, all from the bottom of the pool.

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