Double the Spontaneity at El Espontáneo

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

If your 2016 resolutions include being more adventurous, then visit El Espontáneo for a culinary experience like no other. A fresh, exciting and unique concept, El Espontáneo delivers unexpected tastes for those trusting the mastermind behind the concept. Executive Chef Juan Eumir does more than create amazing plates of food — he does it on a whim. Instead of serving up the same dish over and over, Eumir works based on readily available ingredients and perfected cooking skills to create impromptu dishes, a true testament to his skill as a chef. Along with skill and ingredients, Eumir uses inspiration and instinct to create new and inventive dishes for his guests. In fact, his savory skills have earned him favor among vacationing celebrities and avid visitors who return time and again.

Juan 1

For those who like to play it safe, a menu is available and as seasons change, so do the selections, so even if you’re a safe-eater you can keep it adventurous.

This month, pair your tasty meal with a refreshing cocktail. During the month of January, margaritas and mojitos are two-for-one at El Espontáneo so you can double up on the good tastes.

Visit El Espontáneo at Hotel El Encanto Suites & Spa in the heart of downtown San Jose del Cabo. For menus or additional information about the restaurant, visit their website:


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