Florenta Flower Design by Lola del Campo

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Making spectacular events and the most unique and colorful flower arrangements in Los Cabos is Lola del Campo’s specialty. We spoke with her to find out a little more about her history, her job and her passion for her country.

How did Florenta Flower Design first got started? 

All this started 13 years ago, I took a flight to a flower show to learn how to make flower arrangements for  myself, I wanted it to be my  hobby, so one day I decided to make a floral order to start learning more about this process and precisely that weekend I was coordinating a charity event and we needed centerpieces with flowers. I was an event planner at the time, and then I realized I did have flowers. Since that moment I have been working with them for all these years as floral and event designer, and two years ago I started planning my own events as LOLA DEL CAMPO EVENTS.

What characterizes your company? 

I am very versatile, I like all styles, I do not focus on just one style like the garden or lush airy way, although it is my favorite style, but I also do classic, bohemian, none greenery style, etc. I define myself as an eclectic designer who loves highlighting the beauty of all things and I like to think that I can see beauty where no one else does!

What do you enjoy the most from your job? 

Styling! I vibrate and my heart leaps out of my chest as soon as I place the arrangement in the center of the table and begin to detail; turn each table into an experience for the guest makes me very happy.

Which is the thing you love the most about Cabo Weddings?

Its complexity that makes us offer the highest quality weddings in industry. I love that we almost never have rainy days and that we can enjoy al fresco events all the time.

How would you describe Mexico? 

We are so fortunate to be a country of traditions, we are artisans and creators, Mexico has a lot to offer. We have everything, we dream in color! Mexico is a party!   

Photos courtesy of Lola del Campo.

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