Ale Camara Creates a Mural for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Recently the artist was invited to paint a wall as a reminder for women to do breast self-exams, specially, during October the breast cancer awareness month.

Unfortunately, now adays breast cancer is considered the second cause of death among women in Mexico. During October a huge campaign is made to raise awareness of the importance of making a routine self-exam, since (according to infobae) if detected on time 90% of the cases are curable.

Ale tries to represent and express her sensibility and feelings through out her work of art. “In this mural I tried to represent the beauty of diversity (in every aspect) like shape, size, colors and the uniqueness of each one of them” said the artist. The mural is a surreal collage, with different versions of women’s breasts, as a reminder of the diversity and beauty in every woman and body. However, the main objective of this artistic creation is to remind women the importance of doing regular self-exams.

Ale during the creative process.

“The mural is an invitation to connect with ourselves, to explore our body and universe as a sign of self-love and self-care, by preventing breast cancer”, adds Ale. The mural was an initiative created by Comex and Timeoutmexico, the mural was painted with Vinimex paints donated by Comex through their social program @mexicobienhecho. This is the first time the two corporations join together to conceive the campaign, and Huerto Roma Verde opened its doors and lend their wall for Ale to paint it, as a sign of support for the cause. You can visit the wall at Jalapa #234.


“To have the power of communicate the truth, create a space of consciousness and reflection through art, is my way of raising my voice and saving lives. This mural is for me and all the woman fighting this disease”

Ale Camara

Check out her work at these two IG accounts @alecamara_art and @conectartetaller, the visual artist aside from creating art, can give personalized sessions of art therapy.

Photographs: courtesy of the artist.

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