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Inku Tulum partners with Arturo López

In Los Cabos by Regina García

Inku Tulum, the exclusive luxury living real estate company has made an alliance with Arturo López, leading local builder of Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM.

Inku Tulum is proud to partner with Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM, the firm is based in Puebla, Mexico, and specializes in building commercial spaces and luxury homes across the country. In response to the growing Real Estate market in Tulum, Improving Estrategias has decided to extend their work to the Mexican Caribbean.

With more than 10 projects that are either in planning, design, obtaining permits or under construction—including the latest luxury estate in the newest community, Selvazama—Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of design and construction for industrial buildings and high-level consulting.

“Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM shares our passion for creating naturally-inspired sanctuaries that are influenced by the organic magnificence of Mexico,” said Michael Dee, co founder of D & G . “We are proud to partner with a company has a proven track record and absolutely dedicated to quality”said James Gold co-founder of D & G.

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