Ana Alicia

Meet Ana Alicia Real Estate Luxury Property Specialist

In Los Cabos by Regina García

Ana Alicia stands out from others in the Rea Estate Industry by always keeping herself updated in the new tends and educating herself to be a better real estate luxury property specialist. Get to know a bit more of her life in this short interview.

Facebook:  Ana Alicia Real Estate 

Instagram: @anaalicialopez   


Title: Luxury Property Specialist

City you live in: Ensenada, Merida, San Pedro Sula, Gran Cayman.

Most recent city visited…  Bangkok 

A typical day in my life includes… walking with my dog Maya, gardening, reviewing the MKT of my exclusive listings and appointments with clients.

I was born… Chihuahua 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… An Archeologist


My first job was… Seller at an import store when I was 15 

My favorite thing about traveling is… Understanding other cultures

I’m currently listening to… Spotify 

I separate myself from others in this field by… Continuous education

My greatest career achievement this far is… Master of Business in Real Estate Developments

People would be surprised to know…. I’m an Industrial Engineer 

I draw inspiration from… Nature


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