See Cabo From Above With Sea Cabo Activities

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Forget paddle boarding and parasailing and try something truly adventurous and riveting. Soar above the Sea of Cortez under the Cabo sun on contraptions with names like X-JetPack and JetBlade. Sound like something out of an aquatic superhero movie? At Sea Cabo Activities, it’s an average, sunny day. Sea Cabo Activities offers daring participants a choice of four different exhilarating options, each one catapulting riders above, and across the ocean sea.



Stand tall on this board that’s loaded on top of two strong jet thrusters that shoots you into the sky. With your hands free and the force below you, it’s easy to believe that you’re flying. Maneuver yourself up, down, sideways or yes even upside-down.



The X-JetPack is set up just like it sounds. Attached to your back, while your legs dangle free, this jet pack gives you hand-control and a place to hold on to. Like the JetBlade, riders can move themselves up and down or choose to spin around.



For those who want to keep their feet on a board and their hands gripped tight, the FlyBike is a perfect option. While the FlyBike has a seat should you choose to sit, there is no pedaling involved. Like the previous two, this bike will shoot you into the air. Propelled by a jet thruster motor, the FlyBike is just as action-packed as you would expect.

Wave Runners


Take a seat and fly around the Cabo waters. A traditional jet ski (only with a cooler name) is the perfect way to spend your day flying around – horizontally, that is.

To step aboard and partake in one of these exciting water-sport activities (or to watch others), visit Sea Cabo’s beachside location on Medano Beach in front of Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort. You can also book online at and receive a two-for-one deal for a limited time.


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