Café O in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

We always need the option of  a space away from home to inspire us to meet with family, friends, or ourselves; a space that is like a home extension for a cup of coffee to read, write or spend the afternoon in great company, with impeccable service and delicious food. This place in Mexico City is the Café O. There are three establishments in different points of the city and it is a favorite of many as the atmosphere is perfect for any occasion.

Each one of its locations is filled with dedication and passion for its product. Every small detail that forms the space reflects the warmth and quality experienced by its customers. The products are chosen, worked and served with respect to its nature, offering food not only cooked to perfection but with the most important ingredient: love.

Café O has contemporary and authentic cuisine; it offers a different menu every week with fresh products of the season. The brand even makes, distributes and sells its products to the three stores for customers to purchase.

Café O is not only a restaurant but is also the perfect place to drink a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or indulge in a full meal. The family of Café O has grown and has branched out into three locationss: The original and famous Café O, Farina (Neighborhood Pizzería) and “La Popular” seafood restaurant and Cevichería.


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