Adela: The Most Recent Project of Faci Leboreiro in San Miguel de Allende

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In the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, a mystic and fascinating restaurant was created by prestigious Architecture office Faci Leboreiro: Adela. The unpretentious place reinterprets the local 17th century colonial architecture of the city through sober elements and the openness of natural materials; it was built on what was previously a fronton court. Honoring the origin and essence of Mexican folklore is the design axis on which this project was based, and it seeks to create an experience where Mexican gastronomy stands out through the honesty of the ingredients and the authenticity of the dishes. 

A sober facade was designed in stone from the region; it is only the first stop before entering the lobby, a spectacular double-height space where the first visual finish is a sculptural loom designed by artist Mariella Motilla. The reception is also embraced by a lush garden where a jacaranda stands out, visible from all points of the restaurant. As you climb the staircase you are surprised by the change in scale and dimensions of the restaurant, where the 40-meter length of the place is unimaginable from the outside. The simplicity in the design of the interior space is based on the repetition of wooden beams, an element that is taken from the ceilings of the old houses of Guanajuato, which go down the wall and run through the entire space. Diners may enjoy the spectacular panoramic view as it is the focal point of the project, besides the sun makes this journey magical, changing the space throughout the day, playing with the light and shadow that is generated. Arriving at the cellar, a private room was created with a view of the interior garden: an intimate space to taste the wines under the dim light of the vibrant textile lamp that flutters over the parota wooden table. All the furniture and decorative elements are of national and artisan manufacture, highlighting the cushions made on telar de cintura, the black clay lamps by David Pompa, the textile lamps by Mariella Motilla and all the local crafts that decorate the space, acquired in the neighboring towns.

This amazing place is the perfect example of the real essence of Mexico in all ways: talent, passion and exquisiteness in every creation, all together at Adela, San Miguel de Allende. 

Photos by LGM Studio

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