Amomoxtli: A Zen Experience

In Magical Towns by Ali Madrazo

Tepoztlán is known for being such a mystical and magical place; some people consider that its vibrant and healing energy is due to the characteristics of its subsoil and the majestic mountains of the Tepozteco, which decorate the town with their imposing beauty. The magical town is located in the state of Morelos, just an hour away by car from Mexico City, which is why it is visited every week by those looking to make a spiritual, mental and physical connection with themselves and their environment.

Although there are many cute and picturesque spots to stay at in Tepoztlán, the place to be is definitely Amomoxtli. More than a hotel, it is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, surrounded by nature and created by the renowned architecture firm Niz + Chauvet, which guarantees that each space is strategically designed for you to enjoy a unique experience.

Therapies, ceremonies, baths, cleanses, temazcales, yoga classes and energy arts, Amomoxtli offers various treatments which you will enjoy from the beginning to the end, especially if you are looking to disconnect from a busy lifestyle or just want to relax and experience new sensations. Rituals begin by stepping on the path, hidden among lush vegetation, before reaching the cabins, which are integrated into nature and next to a stream. The sound of water is the first step into harmonization, followed by the expert hands of therapists who have learned massage and therapeutic techniques that are passed down from generation to generation. The natural ingredients and unique herbs from the region are specially prepared to create balms with immediate healing effects on mind, body and spirit, the perfect elements for a moment of full awareness, balance and rediscovery of our origins and benefits in well-being.

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