Feroce: An Astonishing Culinary Destination in Mexico City

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Discover the Ferocity of Cuisine at Feroce. If you’re a culinary lover, eager for bold thrills and daring flavors, then Feroce is the place you need to visit. This innovative restaurant, located at Tonalá 144, Roma Norte, has arrived with a unique gastronomic proposition that challenges traditional Italian cuisine.

The Concept: Feroce takes pride in stripping Italian cuisine of its usual romanticism, replacing it with the rawness of meat and the mystery of Mediterranean flavors. The result is a gastronomic experience that combines complex ingredients, shapes, and textures that will surprise its visitors. With the promise to leave a perfect trail to attract food-loving predators, Feroce is the place where you can unleash your most ruthless side when sitting at the table.

The Manifesto: At Feroce, the beauty of the dishes is reflected in the pleasure of devouring them. The experience is best shared with your “pack,” a place where intense flavors and unforgettable moments interweave in a feast for the senses.

From the Oven: From pizzas with bold combinations like TLV FEROCE to delightful options like MARGHERITA and FOUR CHEESES, each dish is designed to delight.

Fresh Pasta: Pasta lovers will find their paradise at Feroce, with dishes like PAPPARDELLE TARTUFO and CARBONARA that will have you coming back for more.

Ferocious Vegetables: Vegetarian options are equally impressive, with dishes like roasted COLIFLOWER and sautéed ASPARRAGUS that will satisfy even the most discerning diners.

Ferocious Animals: From fresh fish to tasty cuts of meat like RIB EYE and LAMB Feroce offers options for all meat lovers.

Sweetly Ferocious: For those with a sweet tooth, Feroce’s desserts, such as TIRAMISÚ and CHOCOLATE BOMB, are the perfect culmination of the experience.

A Refuge in the City: After a ferocious meal, the experience continues at Feroce’s bar, where you can relax and enjoy a wide selection of drinks, from basic cocktails to craft cocktails.

Our Lair: The restaurant is not just about food but also shared experiences. Feroce is a place where fierce conversations, laughter, and anecdotes transform into lasting memories. They meticulously care for every detail inside their lair to make you feel at home.

Pasta Classes: If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Feroce’s Pasta Classes are a personalized experience that will guide you through creating your own pasta from scratch.

Feroce is a stunning culinary destination in Mexico City that has arrived to challenge your taste buds and take you on a bold culinary journey. If you seek intense thrills and wild flavors, this is the place to go. Make your reservations today and join the pack of ferocious food lovers who have already discovered this culinary oasis!


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