Paulina Dávila

Rising star: Paulina Dávila

In People by Regina García

Paulina is a Colombian actress who has made her way in the Mexican industry by demonstrating amazing talent while performing. On September 29th, she  will star in a new TV show called ‘Ella Camina sola.’ Get to know more about her in this short and fun interview.

Her career debut was in 2013 in her home country, and she started her journey in Mexico in 2018, where she had a key role in the biopic series ‘Luis Miguel: la serie.’ Last year, she was part of two very successful projects, ‘Un extraño enemigo’ and ‘Ritmo Salvaje.

Name: Paulina Dávila

Facebook: Paulina Dávila

Instagram: @paulinada_

Title: Actress.

I’m currently working on… me and producing a couple of projects I had left behind a while ago 

Always… planning new adventures 

Never… staying in one place for too long 

Favorite quote… “The journey is usually the part that you remember anyway” Miley Cyrus.

Biggest dream… feeling fulfilled with myself 

My pet peeve(s)… ( I have plenty) making sounds while you eat.

If you were a color which one would you be? I am constantly changing color, I’m jade green these days 

I can’t leave my house with out.. my notebook 

My worst fear… spiders and scorpions 

Fun fact about you: my short term memory is shorter than Dory’s 

What was the decision that changed your career path? Leaving my country (Colombia) and taking risks, coming to Mexico opened many doors for me.

Photographs: Paulina Dávila.

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