Casa Pancha: Staying at a Hostel Was Never So Cool

In Culture, People by Ali Madrazo

Have you ever thought about staying at a hostel? It may sound like a challenge, but for the first time in Mexico City there is a place that turns this experience into a unique pleasure: Casa Pancha. The boutique hostel is located in a remodeled house of the traditional Colonia Condesa; it has 5 shared dormitories and 2 private rooms. Long ago the fabulous house belonged to Pancha and her family, who were passionate about reuniting with friends and neighbors; music, tamales and handmade tortillas were never lacking. Today Casa Pancha welcomes travelers who are willing to see and experience Mexico City in a different way, meeting people from other countries, experiencing healthy and fun activities and trying the delicious breakfast that they offer.

We had the opportunity to talk with Franchesca and Alexandra, creators of Casa Pancha, so that they could tell us in their own words what this place means and what is the concept for it. 

¨Casa Pancha is the first boutique hostel in Mexico City. It was founded in September 2019 to offer travelers another face of Mexico, opening a space of connection with local people and providing experiences that nourish. We try to be environmentally conscious as far as possible and we don´t use any plastic. The room amenities are glass containers that are refilled and we invite guests not to change sheets or towels daily. Our energy is based on solar panels and little by little we are getting more information to see in what other ways can we reduce our impact.

Everything you see here is made by Mexican hands and minds, all done by artists, designers or artisans from different states. Everything is for sale, so if you buy something, you are supporting the local economy. Our style is contemporary, clean and cozy at the same time. We wanted to simulate an oasis to be able to breathe in the middle of the city. We have two common areas, ideal for working or participating in any of the activities that are organized. These range from yoga classes, cacao ceremonies, cooking, dance and art classes, and many more. 

We are located on Mazatlan street, in the Condesa neighborhood; it is a safe area full of restaurants, shops and cafes. One of the things that characterizes us is good service and friendliness of our staff, always ready to help in what is required and to offer recommendations according to the tastes and budget of the traveler. Whoever stays with us can be sure that will be very comfortable, have a delicious breakfast and will always want to return.¨

Franchesca and Alexandra, sisters, travelers and creators of Casa Pancha.

Photo credits: Ana Georgina B.

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