Express Yourself: Ivan Guaderrama

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Express Yourself is a series showcasing artists as they share how their native country Mexico has inspired their work over the years, garnering them recognition, awards and exhibitions around the globe. 

Ivan Guaderrama

Ivan opened his own art gallery in 2005 in his hometown of Chihuahua before following his heart to Los Cabos in 2013. His Christian faith has played a huge role in his art as he’s committed all of his energy, passion and creativity to spreading the message of love, hope and faith. In addition to his own gallery in Cabo, he also has the Ivan Guaderrama App which lets users experience augmented reality, connecting the viewer with his artwork in a whole new way.

Instagram: @ivanguaderramaart

Proudest achievement: When God revealed my purpose to me and gave me the strength and courage to embrace it. I cannot say that it’s “mine” because it’s God’s grace in my life.

Favorite piece of work: One of my most complicated pieces On My Way to Heaven. It works with a robotic reader of metabolism that produces sound reading based on the metabolism of the persons who touch it.

How has Mexico inspired your work? The freedom of the sea, desert life, holidays, laughter and more elements are fertile ground for creativity. I like to think that as Mexicans we are colorful, warm and emotional. My culture and Mexican location have been fundamental to my development as an artist.  

What does art mean to you? For me the idea of art is fused by the understanding that God has given me creativity as a gift to share who He is. By the grace of God, I embraced my purpose and therefore I can now live according to my new identity in Christ.

What other artists inspire you?God is my main inspiration; we are God’s masterpieces. Everything good comes from Him, therefore what I can capture in the art that I produce comes from His goodness and creativity and it’s what I seek to share. In other branches of art; Hillsong Worship from Hillsong Church has been of great help to me, expressing through words and music what is going on in my soul and spirit. I have added their lyrics to some of my pieces.

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