Artistería by Dos Sofías: Reinventing Vandalism

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In the middle of chaos, fear and uncertainty, you go out to the streets and you find spectacular and fascinating flower installations, full of color, joy and above all, hope; #reinventingvandalism is the name of this incredible initiative that arises from the idea of helping and supporting all the people directly and indirectly involved in this project.

Dos Sofías is the company led by Sofía Rivera García Granados; their professionalism, creativity and quality at work definitely make them one of the best in the country in the area of event design. Thanks to the global pandemic that we are going through at the moment, some of the most affected workers are the flower producers, and it is precisely this need what inspired Sofia to launch the initiative that everyone is talking about. In Artistería by Dos Sofías you can find lovely and unique floral arrangements to send to your loved ones, and in turn, for each purchase, the company will send people recovering from cancer or doctors and health personnel fighting COVID19 another bouquet, letting each one of them know our entire gratitude and solidarity. Another of Sofia’s ideas to buy an additional amount of flowers from the producers was to create imposing and beautiful floral installations in different parts of Mexico City; every Friday the team gets up very early to be able to put everything together so that when the sun rises, people who are walking on the street can enjoy what I would call ¨works of art¨, in addition to giving flowers to any person who is passing by with the only intention of showing empathy, affection and hope in the middle of the situation we are experiencing. Flowers have always been synonymous with love and happiness, but this time their essence is reinvented to give even more strength to its meaning, which we are sure will fill with positive thoughts and emotions anyone who witnesses this great idea of vandalism.

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