On The Road With… Lillian Aviles

In People by Suzanne Koch

Meet Lillian! She is an enthusiastic and passionate travel industry professional with over 15 years’ experience in marketing, business development and public relations. Lillian is currently the Director of Sales & Marketing for Palmasola, a bespoke and iconic private estate located in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Name: Lillian Aviles

Facebook: @lillian.avileschapa

Instagram: @lilieaviles

Website: palmasola.net 

Age: 44

Title: Director of Sales & Marketing

City you live in: Mexico City

Most recent city visited… Tepoztlan

A typical day in my life includes…getting kids up and ready for school at the break of dawn, strong coffee (organic from Chiapas), checking in on emails from my home office, an invigorating workout, pitching, promoting & booking Palmasola, late lunch Mexican style, back to work for a bit, evening family time. 

I was born…in Washington, D.C.

When I was younger, I wanted to be…A dancer or fashion designer. I got into FIT in NYC yet decided to study liberal arts in Europe. 

My first job was…A receptionist at a fitness center. My first job in travel was as Director of Marketing for a company called JDB Fine Hotels & Resorts (no longer in existence) where we represented over 180 boutique upscale hotels all over Italy. It was the most fabulous way to enter the travel world!

My favorite thing about traveling is…discovering and enjoying different cultures & cuisines. I also love upscale hotels, the business of hospitality and learning what works.  

I’m currently listening to…Café Tacuba unplugged.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…Oprah. She is incredibly successful and seems to be really fun. 

One thing I cannot travel without…Egyptian miracle cream – this all-natural balm is magic! Great to hydrate dry skin on the body and face.

I’m inspired by… My mother and aunt – they are both in their 70’s and have so much joie de vivre and energy.

The one person who motivates me is… My husband, he brings light into my life…and gets me to the gym!

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…to end inequality, whether it be racial or gender.

The perfect day would be…A vacation that includes sleeping in (this doesn’t happen often as I am up early), awaking to the sounds of crashing waves while sipping on a cup of strong black coffee, super fresh breakfast followed by an active adventure with family (preferably a watersport). Winding down the day relaxing by the pool and playing with the kids. A margarita at sunset, a delectable and lively dinner with loved ones.

My favorite place I’ve visited…Paris. I lived there when I was younger and love returning. There is magic and beauty at every corner. I will spend NYE there this year!

My top 3 bucket list destinations… New Zealand, Ireland and Japan.

My life… Is full of love and spontaneity.

I’m currently working on… Peak season logistics + updating our website and marketing collateral.

Always… Be kind.

Never… Take life for granted.

Favorite quote… My brother has had this quote as part of the signature of his personal email and every time I read it, it makes me smile:
“Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.
Live and savor every moment. This is not a dress rehearsal.”
Tara, age 9

Biggest dream… To live a long, healthy and joyful life and to have a countryside vacation home where all the people that I love can come visit to enjoy lengthy dinners at sunset with good wine, music and mezcal sipping. 

My pet peeve(s)… Those that constantly complain and those that do not respect others.

 My 3 favorite travel influencers to follow… 1) somewhereiwouldliketolive 2) blacktomatotravel 3) foxlila

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