6 Super Unique Must-Eat Places in Tulum

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Everything started as an adventure for Aaron D´corzo, owner and creator of this fascinating French restaurant located in Aldea Zama. A weekend away from New York at the beach ended up in opening a super original place where all what they do comes from family recipes from the south of France and with a touch of the Executive Chef. Everything in it is so different at what is normally seen at Tulum, but that makes it super interesting to visit it and try some of their amazing dishes and drinks. Aaron´s recommendations are the Lilith Cocktail, Savage Margarita, Steak Tartare, Raviolis aux Champignons and Filet de Boeuf.

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Either you are looking for vegan or non-vegan tasty dishes in a super relaxed environment, this fantastic spot located on Andador Aldea Zama is perfect for you to eat healthy breakfast, brunch, lunch or even just a snack. It is colorful and fresh in their decoration but also in their food creations; Fit-a-Licious is also great for shopping, as you may find your favorite healthy products. Some of the recommended dishes are overnight sugar free oatmeal, superfood bowls, chilaquiles and the newest natural pizza. In addition, every day you´ll find vegan and non-vegan daily specials and daily soups.

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Ilios Restaurante

The most outrageous Mediterranean food directly in Tulum. The unique restaurant is part of Grupo Anderson´s repertory, which is one of México´s most important restaurant groups. Surrounded by a combination of boho-chic decoration and vibrant music, this place is thought for everyone to delight their senses with an experience of fantastic Greek food with the coolest environment. Please do not miss the Pescado Plaki, the Salted Fish, the Burrata Salad, and any of the desserts like the Kataifi Cheesecake, that will make you go to heaven with just one bite.

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Moro at Habitas

Habitas is not just a hotel, it is a lifestyle. It is a sustainable global home for a global community of open-minded people looking to connect and inspire together. It is through music, wellness and art that this magical place unites different persons in one world. Inside Habitas Tulum there is Moro, the restaurant helmed by Chef Horacio Dardano, an ode to Spanish cuisine with Moorish influences where dishes are cooked over a wood fired oven using locally sourced ingredients. Don´t forget to try the Black Shrimp Ceviche and, of course, the catch of the day.

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Funky Geisha

Asian Street Food now conquering Tulum! Funky Geisha is a mystical experience where you can know the entire Asian culture through delicious dishes and artisanal cocktails. The variety in flavors is achieved by the spices, aromas and exotic ingredients, all mixed to have succulent creations as a result. The place is so unique, with its pendant woven lamps and cozy tables in an opened scenario surrounded by jungle. Some of the recommendations are the Fried Tofu with sweet chili sauce, the Maki Rolls, the Beet Tiradito, the Lacquered Duck in Plum Sauce, the Magma Cake and the one-of-a-kind cocktails.

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An exotic hidden bar and lounge created by Grupo Rosa Negra, immersed in the magic vibrant energy of Tulum. With a wild and eclectic atmosphere, this place is perfect to have a fun dinner while enjoying the best underground DJs which mix electronic with house music. At the time, you can try some tapas and amazing drinks, in a place where food becomes a party. Located in the center of the hotel zone, Confessions is surrounded by exuberant and lush jungle with interior design based on rustic wood, candles and handmade fabrics. Some of the best dishes are the Hamachi Tiradito, the Lobster Tacos, the Spanakopita and the Churros Bites as a dessert. Gin, Tequila, Mezcal and Rum cocktails are just incredible.

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