Casa Milum

Casa Milum: A Home Away from Home in Tulum

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The recently created residence Casa Milum, is an exceptional option for those who want to feel just at home when visiting Tulum.

Located in La Veleta, and created by the architect Esteban Hidalgo, the house is planned for families or group of friends who prefer to stay at a house rather than a hotel. However, the comfort and services of a resort won’t be missed since a cleaning service, as well as a personal chef are included during the stay. The interior design work was made by Daniel Orozco Studio, by using local materials such as clay, palma, bejuco, henequén, barro, y yute, the furniture was al costume made for Casa Milum. Every piece of decor was designed inspired by the amazing natural light in the house, also if you fall in love with any of the furniture it is possible to purchase them.

The house can host up to 10 people and its planned for spending time and enjoying the amazing weather of the Caribbean, since every spot in the house was design to chill since it has BBQ, a pool, various terraces and spaces for sun bathing. Casa Milum has four bedrooms, all of them have bathtubs.

Casa Milum is administrated by Lum Collective, a group based in Tulum that can offer additional services for enjoying a maximum experience at the beach like airport transportation, car rental, yoga sessions, massages, butler services and yacht rental. Casa Milum is basically a guide to the hottest restaurants, bars and beach clubs un Tulum.

You can already book your next vacation by contacting them through their Instagram page @casamilum.

“The design is a unique creation that includes luxurious finishines with local materials, resulting in a modern and luxurious home with Tulum vibes”

Daniel Orozco, Interior Designer for Casa Milum 

Photographs: Daniel Orozco.

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