Top 5 Cenotes to Visit in Tulum

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Mexico is famous for its cenotes, or natural sinkholes, that can be found dotting the Yucatan Peninsula. A result of the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater, these underground pools were historically used by the ancient Maya for water supplies and the occasional sacrificial offering.

Cenotes are both beautiful to behold and fun to explore, where you can even swim, snorkel or dive in these subterranean natural pits, depending on the location. 

Here are five of the best cenotes in Tulum to inspire your next adventure.

1. Gran Cenote

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Located just a few miles north of Tulum is Gran Cenote, one of the most popular cenotes in Mexico. Make your way through a jungle of lush trees and green plants to a stairway that gives way to crystal blue water where you might even see turtles swimming. This cenote has cave-like features that is accessible to most, while snorkeling and diving is available for the more curious. Lockers and bathrooms are nearby this tourist hotspot.

2. Cenote Dos Ojos

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Spanish for “two eyes,” this cenote’s geography represents just that where a cavern connects the two cenotes making the shape of two eyes. The first cenote features high visibility and another, called the “black eye,” requires a flashlight to see. You can also find the deepest known cave passage in the region here at almost 400-feet deep. Find this cenote south of Playa del Carmen and north of Tulum.

3. Cenote Suytun

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Another popular cenote, Suytun is locatedabout an hour from Tulum in the small town of Valladolid. Arrive at the right time to catch the sun beaming through a hole in the ground above that shines directly on the platform in the middle of the cenote for a breathtaking view and an epic photo.

4. Cenote Calavera

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Located nearby Gran Cenote, Cenote Calavera (which means “skull” in Spanish) features a fun swing and a ladder that dips into the turquoise water, making for a great photo opp.

5. Cenote Choo-Ha

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Just about an hour from Tulum by car is the amazing Cenote Choo-Ha. While you’re there, be sure to stop and explore the ancient Mayan Ruins of Coba.


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