Nosh on New Cuisine at Grand Velas Riviera Maya

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A world of inventive cuisine is offered at Grand Velas Riviera Maya from French, to Asian, to Mediterranean, and two of its restaurants have some delicious updates to their already stand-out menus. Open-air Chaká is cooking up a new menu full of Yucatecan items (pictured above) to celebrate its surroundings while the casual Italian restaurant, Lucca is introducing simple, yet exquisite tastes. Read on for the details of the menu updates.

Chaká Restaurant: A brand new Yucatecan menu is taking over at Chaká with a menu that heavily incorporates the four staples of Mayan cooking: achiote (Annatto seed paste), citrus, habanero peppers and smoke. Take a look below at some of the new, mouth-watering dishes.

  • Empanadas: filled with pork, Oaxaca cheese and tomato sauce and served with avocado mousse, pickled onion, tomato, lettuce and sun-dried tomato dressing
  • Dzotobichay Tamales: seasoned with achiote and habanero, filled with pumpkin seeds and wrapped in chaya leaf
  • Shredded Beef Tacos: infused with citrus and topped with deep fried pork rind on homemade guajillo chili tortillas.
  • Sopa de Lima: chicken soup spiked with local lime juice
  • Grouper: marinated in achiote and spices and served with plantains, fried onion, julienned vegetables and corn, refried beans, chicahrron prensado and coriander sprouts
  • Yuca Doughnuts: served with horchata ice cream
  • Pumpkin Sweet: topped with Xtabentun (an anise liquer made in the Yucatan region) served with flavored cream

Lucca Restaurant: Taste a new world of Italian cusine at Lucca where Chef Fulvio Ferretto is exploring a new, simple and seasonal menu. He is focusing on attention to detail and ensuring that each recipe does not exceed six ingredients. The menu is highlighted by traditional daily-made artisanal pasta and bread, and imported products like burrata, parmigiano, pecorino cheese, olive oil and prosciutto San Daniele. Lucca also features 47 different wine varietals that are expertly paired from the advice of waiters.



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