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Paige Harker decided to create a life that wouldn’t make her want to take a vacation from. So 10 years ago, she embarked on solo travel, capturing in her lenses the more than 35 countries she visited around the world.

Then she hosted her first Photography Retreat in Bali in 2019, and since then has photographed more than 300 people from all over the globe, creating luxe creative shots that enhance their essence. The Canadian born is currently based in Tulum and apart from her photograph sessions, she offers 1:1 retreats for woman, customized filters created by her and different guides for Tulum.

The 1:1 retreats are designed for women undergoing substantial business growth, offering a 5-day journey that combines creativity, indulgence, and spirituality on the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum. Get to know this amazing creator and immerse yourself in this content created to embody the highest version of yourself.

Paige.         Paige

Name: Paige Harker

Facebook: Purpose by Paige

Instagram: @purposebypaige @futureselfcreative 


Title: Personal Brand Photographer

City you live in: Tulum Mexico

Most recent city visited… Vancouver

A typical day in my life includes…  Meditation, Long Walks, Playing with my dog, working from home/out on a shoot (beach walk if im lucky)

I was born… in Canada

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a singer!

My first job was… Hostess at a Restaurant

I draw inspiration from .. what feels exciting in my heart

I separate myself and my brand from others in this field by… Incorporating embodiment into my work, capturing my clients as their higher-self through energetic practices.

My greatest career achievement thus far is… working with aligned spiritual women in business.

My favorite place in town to enjoy an authentic meal is.. I’m the worst people to ask this as I cook a lot… but I’ll say…Tomas Negro!

People would be surprised to know… I didn’t finish high school or go to university however,  I became an entrepreneur and have scaled my business successfully.

Biggest career challenge:  pivoting when I didn’t know how it was all going to work out just deep trust that if it was true to my heart it would.

Goal for the future…  Self Love Retreats for women battling with body acceptance.

I’ve combined the art of future-self embodiment to capture my clients in their highest-self frequency.

Through my signature embodiment practice & raising the energetic standard during my photoshoots… My client’s come to see their divine true essence captured in front of my lens…


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