Tulum Archaeological Zone Set for Major Upgrades Ahead of Maya Train Launch

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Exciting developments are underway in Tulum, Mexico. The city’s mayor, Diego Castañón, has announced plans for major infrastructure improvements to Tulum’s sacred archaeological zone.

For the first time in four decades, the 73 monuments housed within the historical area will receive much-needed resources for updates and continued maintenance.

“The resources that will be applied will be from the Promeza Program that [Mexican] President Andrés Manuel López Obrador created for the preservation of the country’s pre-Hispanic sites,” Castañón explained.

The announcement from Mayor Castañón indicates that the improvements will be made to serve more visitors once the Maya Train, a transportation system set to revolutionize travel across the Yucatán Peninsula, enters into operation later this year. The increased flow of tourists, which is expected to double from current figures and possibly reach 3.5 million visitors, is a key reason why the infrastructure upgrades are needed. The government’s Promeza Program provides over 4.9 billion pesos to preserve Mexico’s pre-Hispanic sites, including those in Tulum.

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The Institute of National Anthropology and History (INAH) in Quintana Roo is working closely with the local authorities to ensure that the necessary developments are made. Margarito Molina Rendón, director of the INAH Quintana Roo Center, stated that the priority is to facilitate the flow of tourists through new trails and public spaces within the archaeological walls that have not yet been explored before.

The ambitious plans are poised to create an unforgettable experience for tourists in Tulum, while preserving the region’s pre-Hispanic heritage.

“Its archaeological heritage and the beauty of its beaches will consolidate Tulum as the capital of the Mayan Caribbean,” predicts Mayor Castañón.

The Maya Train and infrastructure improvements are significant steps towards achieving this vision and will help to propel Tulum into the spotlight as a must-visit destination in Mexico.

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With significant investments being made into the preservation of these archaeological sites, along with plans for new spaces for the public to explore, tourists in Tulum can look forward to positive and memorable travels. As Tulum continues to grow in popularity, the improvements will ensure that the area retains its unique charm while meeting the modern-day needs of the increased number of visitors.

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