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It’s no secret that tequila and Mexico go together like chips and salsa, which is why “A Taste of Tequila” tour is a must-do in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you can drink the Mexican spirit by the gallon or not, the tour provides a new way to enjoy the beverage by taking guests to the world-famous pueblo of Tequila, the birthplace of the tantalizing spirit. The tour, which is through Vallarta Adventures takes you to Mundo Cuervo, the home of Cuervo tequila and La Tojeña, the oldest distillery in the Americas.

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Start your journey off with an expert guide who will take you through the history of Mexico and through the important roles tequila has played in the past. In between stunning views of agave fields, you’ll learn how the blue agave plant is sown, grown, watered and harvested. Then, upon arrival at the Jose Cuervo Hacienda, you will experience everything from the stone-built ovens, to the distillation room and endless oak barrels, and experience the cooking and manufacturing process.

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To top off this irresistible tour, a professional tasting led by a tequila expert will allow you to discover the different colors, flavors and aromas each aging process produces. Afterwards, pop over to neighboring La Fonda Cholula, for a traditional Mexican meal. The 17th-century Tequila parish church and Los Limoneros Garden are also great sites to see after guzzling up your tequila.

The tour is available for ages 8+ and departs Nuevo Vallarta, Marina Vallarta and Punta Mita, Monday through Friday. For more information or to buy tickets visit their website:

Tequila Tour

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