Yuri Zagorín Makes Magic Again

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

It is well known that a project made by ZD+A Architects will always have the word “awesome” when described, and this is not the exception. The residence known as “PN House” made by Yuri Zagorín and his team is the perfect mix between rareness and tradition. Artworks and design icons are found all around this sophisticated construction of 475 squared meters. Although the color palette for the interiors is based on beige, ivory, and brown, please do not be surprised to find colorful explosions anywhere. One of the most interesting things in this house is the way various materials such as wood, concrete, rock and steel coexist in a place full of harmony where anything could happen. The breadth of the space is perfectly balanced with furniture and accessories, a selection of the most classic design pieces that look like they were created to fit in there. Daylight plays an important role giving the house an interesting mix of lights and shadows appearing in floors, walls and ceilings as aesthetic elements. We cant forget to mention the importance of colors and textures achieved by vegetation. Once again México City stands as a great representative for architecture and interior design with nothing to envy of worldwide design.


Photos: Jaime Navarro, Paul Czitrom, Rafael Gamo and Yoshihiro Koitani

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