Islas Marias Biosphere Reserve Project: A Sustainable Initiative

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The presentation of the Integral Project of the Islas Marias Biosphere Reserve represents for the Riviera Nayarit the opportunity to endorse its commitment to promote sustainable practices in tourism and allow the economic and social development of its populations; the project that started in 2019 by presidential decree aims to transform the penitentiary center located on the islands into an environmental conservation center with the character of a biosphere reserve that promotes sustainable tourism. To achieve this, street rehabilitation works, road cleaning and house renovation are contemplated, allowing the arrival of visitors to the port of Balleto, which will be able to access from different ports, being San Blas at north of Nayarit, the closest port for limited tourist tours to guarantee the conservation of the environment and its resources. 

As part of the conservation efforts of this project, it is planned not to have hotels or any other accommodation option for tourists with the intention of safeguarding the ecosystem, so it is contemplated that visits to the island last one day (from morning to sunset), integrating its natural wealth and geographical conditions to develop activities with low environmental impact, such as bird watching or water sports such as surfing.

The completion of the Integral Project of the Islas Marías Biosphere Reserve means, in addition to enabling a historical space, adapting the tourist offer to the demands that the new traveler demands, where through conservation, the importance of care and balance is exalted in natural ecosystems, as well as the preservation of the culture and identity of its inhabitants.

Photo courtesy of Riviera Nayarit. 

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