Adán Cárabes

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The architect, interior designer, industrial designer and artist, Adán Cárabes is a star in the world of architecture. Born in Mexico City in 1977, this talented man has achieved a portfolio filled with spectacular projects with a jaw-dropping effect. He won the prize for Best Mexican Interior Project by Prisma in 2014 for best corporate design and is also a member of the editorial board of Architectural Digest Mexico.

Some of the most representative projects of this artist can be appreciated in his work in his corporate and commercial projects like Millesime Mexico, the restaurant Casa Senzo in Metepec, Sud 777, Joy City, the Japonéz of Polanco, and the new Senate of the Republic among others. His plastic installation was named “Anti-design” to Blend Mexico in Design Week Mexico 2014 and he was also invited to Design Week in New York for Wanted Design, and Design Week Mexico for Design House.

Adam became the first Latin-American designer to receive support from the Rug Company, a British rug firm, to create three pieces for the Mexican Revolution commemoration. The rugs were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.

Adán Cárabes continues its philosophy of design the designable,” from the architectural project as a whole, to the smallest details within the space. He achieves this by making a depth analysis of the functional and aesthetic needs of the project. He has learned to develop its magic by his innate talent and for having work with recognized worldwide brands like Marriott Mexico, Swarovski, Architectural Digest, Mabe, Foundation Rebeca de Alba and many more. Another example of the fruitful, creative and talented Mexico.


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