C Cúbica Arquitectos

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

In Mexico you can find different types of architecture offices, from the more traditional, to the artistic interventions and lastly, the theoretical ateliers with pilot projects that produce new space trends for offices which are pillars of the country in different topics. C Cubica Arquitectos is part of the last category.

Created in 1990 by three architectural personalities, Andrea Cesarman, Marco Coello and Emilio Cabrero, these three great minds united to create a space of concentration and production of different disciplines, architecture, interior and design in the best possible way. The philosophy of the firm is to achieve a balance between form and function in each of their projects and to show the integral essence of the office by means of the interiors and generating special spaces full of identity. C Cubica has completed multiple residential projects, commercial spaces, urbanism projects and much more.

This magnificent Mexican office was the promoter and the one that began the famous Design Week Mexico, which will be presented in Mexico City October 5–9. It is a set that promotes beauty and art and is involved in projects such as Blend Design and Artelinea. If you are a design- and architecture-lover and still do not know this firm, do not hesitate in immersing yourself in the wonderful world of C Cubica Arquitectos.






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