Andrés Guiterréz: Art Direction and Interior Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Andrés Guitiérrez has quickly become a familiar name in the design world of Mexico. It is an environmental design office located in Mexico City. Their specialty is creating architectural and interior designs focusing on commercial and residential projects. They also make landscape and furniture design to complement the projects. The goal of this young and fabulous design core is to create a constant dialogue of harmony of contrast in the spaces they create for people. The passion for every detail is reflected in a fusion of elements and materials to meet the functional design needs of each project.

Beyond selling aesthetic and functional environments to meet the needs of human beings, Andrés Gutiérrez seeks to create specific experiences with each environment. This is what makes each of their projects fascinating spaces full of textures, materials, colors, dialogues and specific atmospheres. Mastering this art for each site, this office is also dedicated to art direction in different projects. This is a unique space in Mexico City where you can be sure that in addition to being committed to creating a unique atmosphere for your space, are undoubtedly creative, fun and inviting minds that will surprise you.


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