Baltus: Design in Cancun

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

What better way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day than by planning to renew your space. Baltus is the best option to add the atmosphere of elegance and freshness in any space of your home and office. It is a Spanish brand, characterized by having a design line and more than ten years of experience in the furniture market, ensuring to make your dreams a reality. Baltus is not only a furniture store but are also associated with professional architects and interior designers to transform the experience into a comprehensive solution.

Currently Baltus has created business alliances with different internationally recognized brands such as: Andreu World, BD Barcelona, Almerich and Capdell among others and has worked with different artists, hotels, restaurants and more. With experience that encompasses much more than just the residential area, Baltus has the ability to generate spaces with different uses and textures not only in catalog, but in experience. Baltus is located in the city of Cancun, Mexico and can transport the furniture to almost any space of the Riviera Maya and some states in Mexico.

Baltus has worked on the creation of spaces in Mexico, Panama, Barcelona, Saint Tropez and much more. This company is without a doubt the best option to create the space that you are looking for in the Mayan Riviera or in any other space.




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