Ben & Frank, the Mexican Brand of Lens

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Lenses have always been an accessory of style and above all incredibly useful for those who use them to see. There are all kinds of lenses: round, vintage, classic and iconic. People seek to reflect their personality through this wonderful accessory that frames the look of their faces. There are people who change their style and also those who have been faithful to the same shape of lenses throughout their lives. Both lenses and sunglasses are without a doubt a fashion statement.

One of our favorite brands is Ben & Frank. It is a Mexican brand that manufactures the most incredible lenses in the city. They have an incredible variety of shapes, colors, materials and frames. They are perfect for those looking for a pair of lenses that really represent who they are. In addition to being a great brand, they have just opened their new store in Polanco. It was created by the great interior architecture studio MOB and is a journey in time. The selected materials, colors, arrangement of mirrors and the atmosphere created through architectural details creates a timeless atmosphere where the timelessness of the lenses is communicated. It is a great architecture and design project in beautiful Mexico City.

We believe you can never have enough lenses, and this is the perfect excuse to get even more while also experiencing a great interior project that inspires all design-lovers.


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