Chablé Sea of Cortez: Sordo Madaleno´s Next Masterpiece

In Architecture & Design, Baja by Ali Madrazo

Led by Architects Boris Pena and Adrian Aguilar Hernández from Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos, this fascinating resort promises to be one of the most innovative constructions in the entire country, in addition to being represented by Chablé, who has been characterized by offering ultra-luxury accommodations with unmatched service. The proudly Mexican company manages only the best of the best spas and resorts in different areas of the country, and they have already been award-winners in multiple times not just because their excellent hospitality, but because they give such importance to Architecture in every project, taking full advantage of its surroundings to achieve an experience like nowhere else. 

The selected land to develop this project is a desert landscape in a pristine beach set between two hills in La Paz, Baja California Sur, and it has a total of 64,912 sqm. Chablé Sea of Cortez will have 50 units, divided in 120-sqm standard rooms and 409-sqm double villas, besides having a 500-sqm Royal Villa. The amenities will feature a spa, diverse restaurants, event space and a boutique. 

For the project, Architects decided that the experience and feeling of the desert landscape would dictate the masterplan, Architecture and Interior Design, all of this based on a branching system. Each branch is a central access path that runs parallel to the hill’s slope with rooms sitting at a 23-degree angle to it, and a gently undulating surface was devised which will integrate every room into a single folding gesture and gradually separate from and rejoin with the landscape. Architects have resolved the lack of verticality in the desert environment by relying on the horizontal to negotiate journeys and experiences, creating a seamless Architecture of motion that is ever-changing. 

Chablé Sea of Cortez will be ready by 2023; we are super eager and excited that the time comes to get to know the luxury one-of-a-kind resort. 

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