Distrito Capital, the Architecture, Business and Design Space

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The area that concentrate the vertical contemporary architecture in Mexico City is Santa Fe. This area of buildings, skyscrapers, residential buildings, offices and businesses have made the city grow in a new, different way. Within them are some sites where you can enjoy a hassle-free stay and enjoy endless luxuries, either on a business trip or a pleasure visit. Grupo Habita always takes care of the art, design and architecture in every detail and Distrito Capital has been one of the favorites among locals and foreigners since the beginning.

Distrito Capital is characterized by its stunning interiors, breathtaking panoramic views and double height ceilings. It is located at the highest point of Mexico City, at the skyscrapers area of Santa Fe and this hotel is the perfect example of how cool the capital of the country really is. The architecture runs under the office Diameter Architects, David Cherem and Isaac Sasson. The interior design was created by Joseph Dirand, art by Thomas Glassford and graphic design by Reaserch Studios and Pablo Rovalo.

Distrito Capital has been a leader since the day the doors opened for both business professionals, as well as leisurely travelers or simply to host parties and openings on their awesome terrace. Without forgetting that every area of the hotel is designed to meet the needs of a very wide public, Distrito Capital exhibits Mexico as an important space and capital from any point of view.


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