6 Reasons to Host a Mexican Hacienda Wedding

In Bridal by Belen Molina

Hacienda weddings are the new trend for destination weddings in Mexico, and for many reasons. Here are 6 reasons to host a Mexican Hacienda wedding:

  1. When it comes to planning an elegant wedding celebration unlike any other, the romance, tradition and stunning cultural elements that characterize the picturesque settings of historic Mexican haciendas are unbeatable.
  2. Due to the classical colonial style of architecture, Mexican haciendas evoke elegance and sophistication, complementing the décor to create a truly memorable environment.
  3. The magical setting provided by hacienda weddings transports guests to another place and time, a place that is gorgeous, rustic, and rich in history.
  4. Haciendas offer a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to meet the needs of any type of wedding, from lush gardens to majestic courtyards and ample terraces. Haciendas are the perfect wedding venue for couples looking to have a big wedding with hundreds of guests.
  5. Mexico’s most exclusive haciendas are very well preserved and offer a wide range of modern services and amenities for the couple and their guests; some haciendas even feature hotel rooms for the guests and a special suite for the married couple.
  6. And last but not least, Mexican haciendas are the perfect backdrop for breathtaking wedding photos.

See below for some Mexican hacienda wedding inspiration:

Photos: Hacienda San Jose Lavista in San Miguel de Allende.

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