Fabien Cappello, French Design in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Fabien Cappello is a French designer who lives between Mexico City and London. He opened his design studio in 2010 to produce different projects from business objects and limited edition pieces to public interventions in different environments. All projects that he designs share the same intention of consideration and value of the industrial and artisanal techniques of production.

This is why Fabien Cappello retreated to Mexico, a country where he could produce and design from a completely honest space. He liked the idea of being able to produce locally and having the option to visit the carpenter, the blacksmith or the craftsman who lives in the area. It is a way to give back the human essence of design and above all, this is what he thinks will become the future of design. That is why Mexico is so attractive and interesting to be able to develop a creative process for Cappello as well as for artists and designers around the world.

Some of the clients that Fabien Cappello has worked with include Ace Hotel, Arts Co, Bloomberg, British Council, Gallery Libby Sellers, gallery Nilufar Milano, Kvadrat, The Contemporary Art Society, The New Craftsmen, Stanley Picker Gallery, Torri, Wallpaper Magazine and more.

All objects, furniture and spaces that Cappello designs are created around the human condition. The purpose of this is to make it work as planned because the design that he creates is a strong reaction to the surrounding culture. He wants to bring back the life and honest beauty in objects that can last and mean something for a lifetime.




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