GAIA: Everything Your Home Dreams About

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

GAIA is a furniture platform store located in Mexico City. The design is completely modern and maintains a basic line that fits perfectly with any home style, but especially those with a young, modern look. GAIA was launched in 2014 with three employees and today, it has more than 50! It is certainly a success. The founder is Philippe Cahuzac along with two more partners. The idea began in Brazil and spread to Mexico, finding the perfect public in this wonderful country.

The team of designers of GAIA is made up of three industrial designers that graduated from CENTRO, Edgar Tapia, Efraín Alvarez and José Ferrer. A fundamental part of the design process is to understand the objects since the first drawings in 2d. This great team has managed to develop six exclusive, complete lines for GAIA, generating a contemporary language in each of the pieces while also maintaining its function.

After achieving its resounding success at the industrial design and furniture e-commerce in Mexico, GAIA has opened three physical stores in Mexico City including Polanco, Altavista and Prado Norte. All of them contain the dream of any young lover of interior architecture, decor, design and showcasing through their homes.


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