Restaurante Carlota: Food With History

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Restaurante Carlota is located in an architectural jewel in the historic village of San Angel in Mexico City. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful areas of the city with its preserved cobble streets, assorted bazaars, flower markets and many facades and houses that maintain the Mexican character from past decades. That’s the reason why the owners chose this privileged space for a restaurant that promises a contemporary experience to diners of the perfect blend between history, architecture, design and gastronomic details to offer a complete experience.

Legend has it that …”a house in San Angel was occupied by the invading troops during the second French intervention in Mexico, and subsequently served as headquarters of Emperor Maximilian I and as a refuge for his wife, Carlota of Mexico.Who knows… this could be it.

The architectural project was led by the architect Rodrigo Becerra, who carefully recovered the space to be part of the convent of Carmen founded in the seventeenth century, which means that the surrounding walls are more than 400 years old. Honoring the cultural heritage through the architecture, the designed spaces exude the essence and identity of the place without losing its contemporary design and style. The original structure was retained, so what used to be a room, is today an ideal setting for an unforgettable evening. The menu is the work of Chef Edgar Delgado, who works to support small domestic producers in Mexico. The menu is seasonal and uses Mexican ingredients to give you a taste of the historic gastronomy. It is a must in Mexico City that you cannot miss.



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